Welcome  to Brimstone !
                                                      Hudson Valley Region

Welcome to Brimstone Hill Vineyard & Winery!  Located in the beautiful historic Hudson Valley region,
this winery grows and produces elegant country Hudson River region wines.  Visitors have a choice of
many graceful wines to taste.  Brimstone Hill Vineyard & Winery's award winning wines have been
pleasing the palatable senses of this region for over 29 years!  

Our cozy tasting room is open year round!  We welcome small and large groups to enjoy all four
glorious seasons the valley has to offer.  An appreciation for wine starts in the vineyard.  At Brimstone
Hill Vineyard & Winery, grape vines are all around us.  Begin your visit walking through rows of tall
slender vines, where each season teaches us to understand some aspect about the wine grape.  
Inside patrons are able to taste a variety of wines ranging from dry chilled whites, to toasty reds and
sumptuous semi-sweet whites.
61 Brimstone Hill Road  Pine Bush, New York  12566  (845) 744-2231
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Brimstone Hill has picked up a few new outlets this
year, including Artisan Wines in Beacon, the DIA in
Beacon, AOC Fine Wines of New Rochelle and the
NYC Harvard Club. The 2013 vintage was excellent,
due to some spectacular weather in September and
October. Drop by over Presidents' weekend and you
can sample some of these wines from the barrel.  
Stay healthy! Stay warm!

Drink good wine!

Dick Eldridge